Useful package for newcomers and relatively new players!

I have some links for you to check out, if you want fast and uncluttered information about what to do, what to buy and where to look.

Key spawns

Shoreline money run

Ballistics, what bullets to use

And this if you need further explanations. This one is long and tidy. From /u/RCSWE

And Rainlyte's guide, which you can find in the comments.

As for how to survive, it completely depends on how are you as a player, and how much do you review your actions. Ask yourself why you died, from where you died. Believe me, this game is all about map knowledge; if you know where to expect gunfire, you will place yourself accordingly to not be in sight or in immediate danger. Also, LEARN THE SPAWNS AND KEEP THEM IN MIND.

These were a tremendous help. Now, somethingS are going to change for .12, but these will probably stay intact. They might change a little bit, though. But fear not, they're always updated with each patch.

Credits go to their respective owners.

Have fun, and welcome!


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