Virion’s Weapon Modding Guide is now updated for .12!

Link to the actual guide: Google docs

Sweaty players rejoice, I've just managed to work my way up to 40 and update the guide this weekend. If you spot any inconsistencies, feel free to message me on here or on Discord (Virion#9999).

I'll be adding a few more budget setups soon, and expanding the list of alternative ergo-based builds. Right now, the builds are focused on maximum recoil reduction – But I obviously suggest using alternatives such as the RK-1 on B25/Hera arms grips for 1% less recoil, but higher ergonomics, or the MOE Carbine stocks for a little bit more ergo as well, for example. Once I've filled out the ergo builds, take a look at those and figure out what balance works best for you.

Ergo builds are going to be delayed though because I'm broke now, haha.

Link to the actual guide: Google docs


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