PSA for people without gaming rigs but still interested in EDO

So I tried EDO on my office laptop (onboard GPU, 8GB, ancient i5 cpu). It works, and I can do the tutorial technically, but it is around 20 FPS with all settings and SS way, way low. So I tried GFNow, just the free version. Tutorial is now nearly constant 60FPS, with dips to 50. The free version only allows one hour sessions, after which you need to restart, and you need to up the settings as it defaults to 720p or something. For $9,99/month you have 6-hour sessions, plus better specs. For 1440/4k you'll need the $19,99, but as my laptop doesnt support that I havent tried that.

You'll need a decent internet connection, about 50mbps for 1080p. If you dont have it;ll play in lower res like a youtube video does with spotty internet. Other than that, if your system aint that great I really recommend it. You dont even need to install any of the games, it just plays it from their server/rigs, so perfect for old laptops and stuff like that.


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