You Salty Bastards: Advice for dealing with the weight

Howdy do boys, its your favorite shitetalker on the sub here to give out some friendly advice. But first i would just like to say how happy i am to see how fuckin upset you guys are. Very dramatic. ANYWAYS

Things I've noticed: right after the patch my max weight was 60KG, a few hours later when i logged back in it was moved up to 70, so they have Already improved it. Not only that but i was surprised how FAST i was, and how fast my stamina came back. I had about 9 Str and 20 END, and it felt like i had more of those skills at 0 than i did before. I was feelin it. I wear the best shit i can buy always too, always rocking altyns and (its the best helmet like if you think its not just holy shit) whatnot. The weight is really not a problem. I know, you saw that clip where the guy with a fuckin AVS rig packed full of shit and a tank battery in his bag couldnt move very good. News Flash: thats how its supposed to be when you are 30KG above your weight limit, its a clip that goes out of its way to try to make the game look bad while decieving the viewer. Nikita's vision of the game is NOT pack rat simulator. You shouldnt be able to extract with 2 full kits and whatever else you can fit in the slots, i don't know about 'realism' but i do agree that we have been looting way more than we should have been able to carry. Ok anyway tho

Saving weight any way you can. I notice that after 50KG of weight you have to stand still to regain stamina, and any weight below that is basically no penalty at all. So, you aim to keep it at 49.9 the whole raid. Here is some ways to do that.

Mag dumping: mags weigh a little. They can also be insured. Personally, i take 4 60-round mags into my raids, 40 BTs with 20BS on the top. Once i feel i have used most of my mag, i drop that shit on the fuckin floor. Nobody is walking around staring at the floor lookin to scoop up your mags. Its not a lot of weight, but its a start and it adds up, and youll always have more mags tomorrow. If you can afford a bunch of mags you can afford a bunch more mags later. They always come back when you live life like this.

Foodie mode: we all grab shit-tier food items. I mean cmon, its food right?! Well not me, i got two holodilniks full of bullshit back at the crib. Live by the rule of seefood: I see food, i eat it. Nobody wants to waste an item slot for anything under 10k roubles in todays economy, and lets be real, on small maps like reserve and customs, youre only going thirsty when youre takin hella painkillers anyways. Learn what is good and what will make your guy thirstier than a virgin at a strip club, some must take items for example would be Tarcola, Condensed Milk, Squash, and some eat-nows would be Peas, any Juice, Milk, and Hot Rod. Some nastier shit would be like crackers, croutons, tashanka, basically anything that makes you thirsty when you dont have a bevvy. Also youll leave the raid less hungry, which is a good thing.

Squirrel Strats: So, you got a kill. And now theres juicy loot in front of you. You cant take it all. Or can you? No, no… Unless? Here's the idea, you kill some juicy boy, and then you run off and hide all your shit in some bushes (or most, or whatever, you'll know when its time) and then you come back and throw all his shit onto your guy. Become the enemy. See what the enemy saw. Smell like the enemy. Just dont act like the enemy because that's how he died to you. This way, you can pull out his gear and your gear will all come back to you later. Its the play honestly. Like, it was the play before this, but now even more so.

Get value for your slot, you slut!: im sure many of you know this by now, but if its not worth 10k, dont give it the time of day. The experts will know all about per-slot item value, and by now, you should too. The best way to save weight is to not pick up bullshit in the first place. (on the contrary though, everything you pick up levels your search skill, so you can like, pick up everything and then just drop the trash with hotkeys while you are searching your next container)

Sharing is Caring: So, my squad, we roll customs and reserve a lot. If you know anything about cystoms, you would say there is barely enough loot for 2 or 3 people, let alone a server of 12 or a team of 5. WELL, NOT ANYMORE!!! Now, you're basically forced to split the loot evenly just so everyone can move around efficiently. I favor this, because even though i was usually the guy hauling most of the stuff away from a good raid, its nice that everyone collectively will make more money as a whole. Yeah, you may make a little less money, but youll be able to share with your friends, or what i like to do, pretend youre giving them the good stuff when secretly youre more full of shit than an american president. That teammate you have that spends 60% of the game looting? Hes full right away, and you guys don't have to be like "kyle, can you hurry the fuck up?" while some hatchy boy goes and loots all the rooms on you.

Leave the raid: everyone knows the best shit in the game is behind locked doors or unlooted areas. Maximize your exposure to these areas by setting a 'loot route' so to speak, that involves hitting the main locations and bouncing out fast: set the pins back up and go for a strike. For example, on customs, my battle plan is Rushdown the closest likely enemy spawn (to reduce people who need to use your Exfil) and then we would hit Big Red, Dorms, Gas, (in the order of closest to farthest obviously) and then we race on out of there. We do hit stashes but like you make more money off killing players and hitting the big spots. Go in, check it all out, get out, go back in. Fast as fuck.

Final thoughts: i like the update. Is the head bob gross? Kinda. Im not really noticing it, but i play my stamina pretty well so its a non-issue. The arm stamina thing is nice, i like that. All in all, this change encourages the game to be played at a slightly faster pace, with a bit less looting and a bit more action being the visible goal here, with a side effect of more loot being shared between squads. Good luck and have fun! I will be here to argue in the comments and be toxic as fuck, so lets have it! If you have anything i missed, feel free to add it in!


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