Binaural sound feedback and issues

Hi everyone, hope you are enjoying changes that was introduced with 12.6 patch 🙂

Right now, I would like to collect issues and opinions on one of the features – first iteration of Steam Audio, Binaural sound. You may turn it on in game settings, sound section "Binaural sound".

What do I want exactly, in terms of bugs, is yo to answer (for yourself) the following questions, before reporting:

  1. Was Binaural sound on?
  2. Have that issue happened before? Does it happen when Binaural sound is off? (if it happened before or it happens without "Binaural sound" on, then it is not related)
  3. What is different? (explanation with video will be the best help!). So far we are aware of some sounds being louder and will fix it with next hotfix.
  4. What is the issue? (explanation with video will be the best help also)

This will help you to understand, what I'm looking for and for me, to get to the issue faster, to get it fixed or put it to the schedule of development. In terms of opinion, you are free to express yourself (within rules of community and common sence =) ).

Cheers! Can't wait to check what you have to say 🙂


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