Current state of Faction Rank

It's hard not to notice that the rank system is broken along with everything else (really, it takes a special effort to actually break every single thing in a release).

It turns out the rank system is only MOSTLY broken (insert princess bride meme here). Horizons and Odyssey ARE tracking rank points, but accounting and progressions are busted and interacting strangely.


  • Odyssey has both display and promotion problems, but your rank points ARE accumulating
  • status window shows your rank before Odyssey dropped and will not change. will get stuck at 100% if you reach it.
  • rank-up missions will spawn when you accumulate 100% of that original rank, over and over again
  • completing the mission will generate a toast email with the next rank, repeatedly
  • completing the mission will NOT rank you up or give you rank benefits
  • in other words treat rank up missions like normal missions


  • Everything works EXCEPT displaying your correct rank progress
  • your rank points are accumulating
  • rank-up missions work as designed
  • completing the mission will generate an accurate toast email with real rank
  • completing the mission will rank you up and give you access to systems and ships
  • status screen will show your rank from Odyssey AS IF THE FAKE RANK-UPS really did promote you. If you switch back and forth this quickly becomes meaningless.
  • status will show empty rank if this fake rank is above 'king'/'admiral'


  • you can accumulate points as per usual in Odyssey but you can't get any of the benefits because you can't rank up.
  • If you want to rank up you have to switch back to Horizons and complete rank-up missions. Your accumulated points carry over, but remember that ranks get progressively harder so 8 repeated promotions from Squire to Knight in Odyssey's wonky implementation do not mean you have the actual points for Duke.
  • After you rank up you can go back to Odyssey and continue trying to do stuff.

Fun fact:

  • ED will report your weird Odyssey/Horizons pseudo-rank to the api if you have tried to rank up in Odyssey, so Inara, etc. cannot show the correct value.

Another fun fact:

  • This is stupidly easy to test automatically for regression. It is very worrying that this was released as it shows an almost insurmountable degree of sloppy coding process.


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