Dota 2 updates for 25th and 26th March 2021 – ClientVersion 4759 to 4772

Windranger DOTA 2 Hero Guides

English Localization

  • DOTA_CoachControls_VoiceChat: Voice ChatToggle
  • DOTA_CoachControls_PrivateCoachTextHelp: <font color='#83caed'>{g:dota_keybind:ally_text_chat_keybind} / TAB</font> → <font color='#83caed'>TAB</font> to text chat
  • DOTA_Chat_PrivateCoachConnected: %s1 has joined as your private coach. Use the coach controls in the top right to communicate with them. You or the coach can end the session at any time using the "End Session" button.
  • DOTA_CoachControls_VoiceBind: <font color='#83caed'>{g:dota_keybind:ally_voice_chat_keybind}</font> to Talk
  • DOTA_CoachControls_NoCoach: Coach not in Match
  • DOTA_CoachControls_CoachNotHere: Your coach is not currently in this match. They can join later, or you can end the coaching session.

  • DOTA_Scenario_Lockdown: LockdownStuns and Disables

  • DOTA_CoachingError_eAlreadyFinished: GameSession already finished.

  • DOTA_BecomeCoach_PlayerRankTooHigh: Coaches must be at least {d:required_coach_higher_stars} stars higher in rank than players. Immortals can coach anyone.

  • DOTA_Glossary_Teamwork_HeroItemChoice_ItemCounters_HeavensHalberd_Desc: Heaven's Halberd is effective against Heroes that rely on Basic Attacks to do Damage, especially MeleeRanged Heroes (which are Disarmed for a longer duration).

  • DOTA_DDB_Promo_Call_ComingSoon: CoNow Streaming ton Netflix MARCH 25, 2021

  • DOTA_Hero_Selection_NewPlayerPool_CarryCategory: Carryore – 3 Per Team

  • dota_tip_advanced_1: Reliable Gold is earned from killing Heroes, Roshan, and Couriers, from the destruction of enemy Towers, or from using Hand of Midapassive gold and activating Bounty Runes. All other earnings are Unreliable Gold, which can be lost upon death.

  • DOTA_Glossary_LastHits_Deny: When a friendly Unit falls below {d:DOTA_DEFAULT_UNIT_DENIABLE_PERCENT}%, friendly Heroes are also given the opportunity to Last Hit, resulting in a Deny. When a Unit is Denied, it gives a small amount of Gold to the Denying Hero, and reduces the Experience given to enemy Heroes.

  • DOTA_Glossary_Death_GoldLoss: Additionally, players lose 1/40th of their current unspent Gold whenever they die (Reliable Gold, which is Gold gained from certain sources such as killing enemy Heropassive income or activating Bounty Runes, is exempt from this).

  • DOTA_Glossary_Channeled_Desc: Channeled Abilities are Active Abilities that require the Unit to perform no other Actions during the Channel duration. The Ability may require a Channeling period leading up to the casted Effect, or it may be active during the entire Channel period. Channeled Abilities can be interrupted by Stuns, Fears and RootSilences.

  • DOTA_Glossary_Root_Desc: A Rooted Unit will have many Actions (such as Channeled AbilitiesTeleporting) interrupted. When a Unit is Rooted, it is unable to move, and is prevented from using most movement related Abilities.

  • DOTA_Glossary_Map_Shops_Secret_Desc: Two Secret Shop locations exist on the Map which sell Items that cannot be purchased at the Home Shop, many of which are components for the most powerful Items in the game. The Secret Shop also carries a small selection of Home Shop Items.

  • DOTA_Glossary_Map_Structures_Barracks_Melee_Desc: Spawns Melee Lane Creeps. When destroyed, Super Melee Creeps will spawn in that Lane from the opposing side. Has a Last Hit Bounty of {d:DOTA_BARRACKS_BOUNTY_GOLD_MIN}-{d:DOTA_BARRACKS_BOUNTY_GOLD_MAX} Gold, and destroying it rewards {d:DOTA_MELEE_BARRACKS_GOLD_PER_PLAYER} Gold per player.

  • DOTA_Glossary_Map_Vision_FlyingVision_Desc: Certain Units or Abilities provide Flying Vision which is not blocked by higher elevation terrain, but is still blocked by trees.

  • DOTA_Glossary_Teamwork_Objectives_Barracks_Desc: Enemy Barracks reward per-player Gold when destroyed and do not respawn. TheyDestroying the enemy Barracks also causes Super Creeps to spawn in that Lane from the opposing side. Super Creeps have more Health and Damage, and will cause the Lane to Push even farther into the enemy Base. Super Creeps also have reduced Gold and Experience Bounties, which reduces the pace at which enemy Heroes can Level and purchase Items, giving you a permanent advantage for the remainder of the game.

  • DOTA_ChatTarget_NewPlayer_Global: Global

  • DOTA_Chat_PrivateCoachConnected: %s1 has joined as your pPrivate cCoach. Use the cCoach controls in the top right to communicate with them. You or the coach can end the session at any time using the "End Session" button.

  • DOTA_DPC_SpoilerHelp: When lTurning off Live uUpdates are disabled, thehides match results and current standings will be hidden to avoid spoilers. YouPlayers can manually update to the live valueresults by clicking the refresh'Reveal' button.

  • DOTA_Frontpage_NPX_NewSet: A New Approach <br />to Helping New Players

  • DOTA_DPC_Major_Wildcard: Wildcard

  • DOTA_DPC_Major_Groupstage: Group Stage

  • DOTA_DPC_Major_Playoffs: Playoffs

  • DOTA_DPC_Region_Wildcard: WC

  • DOTA_DPC_Region_Groupstage: GS

  • DOTA_DPC_Region_Upperbracket: UB

  • DOTA_DPC_Region_Lowerbracket: LB

  • DOTA_DPC_Major: Major

  • DOTA_DPC_SingaporeMajor: Singapore Major

  • DOTA_DPC_SingaporeMajorDates: Mar 27 – Apr 4

  • DOTA_DPC_PrizePool: Prize Pool

  • DOTA_DPC_SingaporeMajorPrizePool: $500,000 | 2,700 PTS

  • DOTA_DPC_Teams: Teams

  • DOTA_DPC_SingaporeMajorTeams: 18


Note: I usually don't post patch notes since I don't have knowledge of these things. If you find an error or something missing, let me know. You can see a full list of patch notes here.


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