[EA Play Live 2020] Hype Thread + Info!

Hey legends!

EA Play Live 2020 is TODAY (June 18th)! According to the Apex Twitter, there's some juicy Apex Legends content to be ~unearthed~. What could it be? A new legend? A new map/changes to a map? Juicy quest details? Maybe a Nessie plushy in the store?!?! (Thanks Emm for that one). We won't know for sure until it happens, but until then, use the links below for time/information and a convenient countdown timer!

When the event goes live, we'll be replacing this thread with a live thread with all the information we get as it comes in. Until then, HYPE in the comments!

WHAT: EA Play Live 2020

WHEN: June 18th at 4PM PT (7pm ET / 12am BST (19 June) / 1am CET (19 June))

COUNTDOWN TIMER: https://bit.ly/3ejrXxW

WHERE: EA Twitch / EA YouTube

Apex Twitter: Unearth what's next for Apex Legends

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/hblzhx/ea_play_live_2020_hype_thread_info/

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