EDCoPilot – new UI almost completed!

Thought i had better get this out there given some people suggesting CoPilot as a name for Iain Collins' app that he posted about today…. (which looks awesome by the way – must give it a go.

FYI just finishing up a new UI for my own app EDCoPilot. Readers may remember I posted a video showing me using the app in VR a few months back. Since then i have been busy redesigning the UI.

Here are some screen shots from the new version :

This is Bookmarks …. you can sort, filter, pull in other systems based on attributes … then click to either get a submenu of commands for that system, or click to plot a course. Also you can say "Bookmark 2" for example if you have voice attack and it will initiate course plotting to the corresponding system.

Bookmarks screen

This is the sub-commands screen you can pull up for any system (greyed out items arent migrated yet)


This is the Location Search screen. Click to initiate a search …

Location Search

Results come back on a screen like this. Similar commands then apply to set course.

Search Results

There are over 30 panels in all, all navigable using Voice or mouse clicks.

Bookmark Groups (folders to categorise your bookmarks), Places Of Interest, Location Search, Blueprints (drill down to see details and materials have vs needed), Session Progress (stats on your current session including kill counts by ship type, faction, materials gathered), Inventory pages for ships, modules, weapons, suits, materials …. Stations (in a system with their facilities), Bodies (in a system), System History (all times you have visited and what you have done in system), Event History (current session log) .. Guidance Computer (gives direections to a set of surface coordinates) .and lots more.

Still migrating the screens so at moment you get both the old and new UI up. Should be done in a couple weeks on migration.

Runs on PC for PC based Commanders.

Hit me up on Discord if you want to give it a try. https://discord.gg/G9CSrzuw9d

Happy flying!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/q8yf5g/edcopilot_new_ui_almost_completed/

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