Mirage’s Ultimate Ability

My main is Mirage, despite my hatred for his ultimate ability, due to liking his ability to spawn a clone of himself that alerts the player and his team the whereabouts of the shooter. In this post, I will state my reasons for the hatred of the ultimate and potential fixes or reworks that I think would make his character more viable for more people.

Complaint no.1

The thing about being invisible is the fact that the enemy should not be able to see you, right? Well the dirt being kicked off his feet defeats this entire purpose, leaving you quite exposed to the enemy you are fighting against, and the fact that you are defenseless in this state makes fighting back extremely difficult (ill explain why later) leaving you a sitting duck. Making this useful disengaging ability less useful.

Complaint no.2

In the last complaint, I stated that fighting back after being exposed from your cloaked state is really difficult is due to the delay of withdrawing your weapon after this state. I feel that it is too long even when you're not getting shot at nevermind when you have got the upper hand on an enemy. Storytime. I used my ultimate to sneak behind a Caustic, it worked perfectly due to being safe from the chaos allowing me to battle Caustic in a 1v1 situation. As I uncloaked Caustic turned around (maybe due to the sound cue of uncloaking or because of my bad luck) by the time I withdrew my flatline I was already hit for 50 to 75 damage, and even with hitting all my shots, it resulted in my death. I feel that the delay should not leave the Mirage player as vulnerable.

Complaint no.3

The COUNTERS. The counter of Bloodhound I think is fine, as they are a master tracker after all, but the character Wattson also counters Mirage. Her ultimate (being one of, if not, best ultimate in the game) exposes the Mirage if in range of her ultimate via creating an extremely obvious blue outline on the Mirage. This links back to complaint no.1, the whole point of his ultimate is to be invisible but being exposed via a teammates/enemies ultimate defeats this purpose. I am not sure if this was a planned idea for Wattson's ultimate or is an oversite from the devs.

Potential fixes

-stop particle effects when in cloak mode

-position not given away by Wattson ultimate

-the player is able to run with their weapon out but shooting will stop the cloak – the speed of the player is determined by the weapon the player is holding

Potential rework

My idea is to bring back the original ultimate… but with a twist. Instead of spawning multiple visible clones, they should be in cloak mode as well as the player. On top of this, they should run in a random direction copying the player's movements in terms of: speed (walking or running), jumping or sliding. This would be great for disengaging a fight. 8 to 10 clones would be effective in my opinion.

Another idea which is a little crazier but could be really fun would be that the player turns completely invisible like the current state of his ultimate, but rather than spawning more clones, no clones are spawned but rather the ability to punch the enemies. I like the idea of the hit doing 50 damage due to the surprise factor, but in doing so, stops the cloak ability and reveals him. Another idea for this is that a successful hit does a standard amount of damage (30) and refills your ultimate to 50%.

If you got to the bottom of this lengthy post, I thank you for reading. I would also like to say that I love the work of Respawn with this game though I feel that it is good to hear what ideas the community have.

P.S I would still play Mirage even if the abilities stayed the same, though I feel that a lot more people would play him (balancing the playing field) if they were strengthened.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/cygan3/mirages_ultimate_ability/

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