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Hello, the EfT wiki guys here.

As you have noticed our layout has changed in the past week. That was NOT our choice. Fandom bought Gamepedia a while ago and decided that all wikis should have an uniform base style. This creates multiple problems of different kinds. More ads, less space for content, a hidden searchbar which doesn't show all the pages anymore ect..

For those who don't know about those two companies. Gamepedia focused on games and decided which game would get a wiki. That made each wiki unique for its game. Fandom on the other hand has a wider variety on topics, like films, games ect., and everyone could create a wiki with a few clicks. That resulted in dozens of wikis for popular games like Minecraft.

At this point we can't do anything against it on our side. You can create an account (you can log in with Twitch) and change your preference to the old Hydra Dark style. This is only a temporary solution, since that option will be removed in the future too.

You can voice your opinion about the change with a ticket to the fandom support. Maybe they change something if enough people give valid feedback. Spamming them will not change a thing.

You can create such a ticket here:

Happy hunting and good loot guys,

your Wikiteam

edit: Please write constructive tickets, like "no amazon links in the search bar" or "increase the content width". "the new layout is shit" helps no one


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