Loba’s Mothers Note Translation

I made a typed version of the notes that Loba's parents, or mom, wrote her before they died in season 4 launch trailer ( Keep in mind that this isn’t precise & could be very different than the actual thing )

* = is the words I just saw in the paper & couldn't find a proper translation

– = a dashed sentence or portion

( = a portion or sentence that in parenthesis

> = bulletin points within the second & third notes

— = any additional writings

My little *Cacho…?*,

I cannot sleep tonight because you won’t keep your little legs still ( I promise you can *sleep* around all you want when you are *lovin* you don’t have to *de il* now! ) While I’m awake, I think about you and the world when you will love you papas and I -have made some- -are want- -devil know- love you very much, but life can be hard especially the way we live it.

I think of all the things that my mother didn’t tell me. I want to tell you those things now as *carly* as I can, so you are ready. These are a few

>Whatever you decide to do for a living, make sure you can enjoy it! — you spend too much time doing it to hate it

>When you are using an eyeliner pencil, heat up the tip with a lighter for a moment it will go on smoother and darker

>look people in the age when you talk to them -you can tell them anything- and they will always believe you And you’ll know whether to believe them

>Add something colorful to your outfit. It will ??? Know how special you are inside. Outside ??? Unless you need to not stand out know the right ( time or tune )

>*Want* keep things in your back pocket

-and look for people who do they’re the best *marks*-

>Don’t get into trouble on Gaca. They have Policia, so *also* more work then getting in trouble on Salace

>Don’t get into trouble with Gacas *caus or cous*, either that place makes them *sutheis*

>Money will protect you on *Pramathe Bol* you’ll need a lot of it

>No need to break in it. You can steal the key

>only smile when you want to

>You’re beautiful always *romimlas* that, and it will always be true

>Be nice to your parents. They won’t always be right, but they’ll do their best.

Love, mamaē

+Papai love you too

—Papai can write his own letter

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/gfmb6p/lobas_mothers_note_translation/

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