More botting

11 shots. 1 hit with HE. 10 of which hitting the mountain with NOBODY close to peeking.

Blind chicken finds a corn eh?

But how POSSIBLY could i say hes not just an idiot but botting – FOR SURE?

Weelllll 5318 matches in MARDER 38T.

I have nothing to add. Cunts are allowed to roam free and get tier 10 by transfering lowtier smut XP.

Those are the kind of accounts one finds on ebay and alike.

Do they get removed?



Cheating is LEGIT.

They have no way to tell if you are a cheater or not and those buttons to "report them" ha… do nothing.

Empty scripts to calm the nerves. Lip service at its FINEST!

Only thing one gets banned for if you were a guy shoving tanks up people asses and stop promoting their newest tanks

We all remember how their "pets" were demoted the second they didnt like every shit they sold…

Meanwhile we ALL see people with 20k battles and 42% winrate… HUH… how comes? ITS A MYSTERYYYY


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