PSA: Imperial rank via passenger contracts – great options at Hauser’s Reach, Robigo system – Sep 23, 2021 (or, 3307 if you prefer)

Hello all:

As of now, the CDE Corporation, an Imperial faction, has many passenger waiting for able commanders to ferry them from Hauser's Reach, Robigo system, to the nearby Sirius Atmospherics tourist beacon in Sothis, and back to Hauser's Reach. Many of these are Rep+++++ trips and thus offer intrepid commanders an excellent way to grind work their way up the Imperial Ranks.

I just made one such trip carrying passengers across 7 missions, in an unshielded Python with 7 passenger cabins. 6 of those missions awarded Rep+++++. Took me from Count 64 to Count 77. So this seems to be something I will do, since it is as exciting as watching paint dry as counting the fleas on a dog as imagining getting an Imperial Cutter.

The 6 missions also added a little over 3 million credits so that seems like a good bargain all over.

Note that Hauser's Reach does not sell any passenger cabins. So bring your own.

The Advanced Docking Computer, Supercruise Assist modules and I are best friends as of now. Oh, and the eBook reader running on my phone placed next to the screen, of course.

Cmdr Irish Mist


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