Recruiting Xbox players for Phoenix Omega!

o7 commanders! Phoenix Omega is a brand new squadron recruiting for Xbox! We are experienced players looking to either assist the newest of new players with the game, or looking more seasoned players to dive into harder content!

Currently we have no direct goals other then building a community for some other Xbox members to come play and enjoy the good times as well as expanding our PMF! We recently took over our home system and will be expanding soon!

The following is our parameters for the squad:

Must be 18+ (unless accompanied by a parent) – this is to avoid any children seeing/reading anything inappropriate on discord.

We prefer North American players but all are welcome. – this is simply because it’s hard to line up community events around the world.

Content in discord MUST be safe for work. – a lot of us enjoy keeping in touch and don’t want to hide our phones while trying to txt at work

If you are at all interested please message me on Reddit and I will send you the discord information! When you join the discord react to the code of conduct, state your gamer tag and we will get you in ASAP.

Thank you everyone! Let’s make a fun community and crack some rocks!


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