WoT PC, please read. Please help

I’m coming from the WoT Console community, and currently with update 6.0, (introduced mid-December) we have now only 11 maps to play on. After a month and a half, the game has become very stale. There is nothing we can do with the players being unable to play skillfully, but between this year and last year (I have played for 5-6 years), I feel the players base IQ has been drastically reduced. All of our crews have been ERASED. Every player has lost their crews, only to be replaced by crew restricted to 9 skills. The tech tree has been completely destroyed, and is incredibly painful to navigate. Instead of fixing bugs that the game had, they introduced an update that cost people thousands of gold, “revamped” the graphics- tanks look like plastic/Warthunder like, and the ground looks like clay, and introduced even more and bigger bugs. The only thing that looks good is the foliage. We no longer have true earn-ops, almost everything is behind a monthly season pass that costs gold. The garage is beyond poorly done and lazy. The in game UI is despicable and hard to see, looks like Armored Warfare. We have not gotten a new tech tree since the Manticore (I think we are 4-5 tech trees behind you guys.) instead we have gotten nothing but premium tanks. I can count the number of times on my hand that there were more than 6 tech tree tanks in a tier 8 game. Wargaming has released small updates, fixing the gold issue, and some UI elements, but nothing big compared to the requests by the community. I am making my case to your community to hopefully have Wargaming held accountable, a poll held after the launch of the update showed a 93% dislike of the update and a 94% wishing to revert the update after thousands of people voted. And wargaming outright said that they will not revert. Many of the community veterans have left the game for good, and many have left because of wargaming’s unwillingness to fix the problem they have made. This post (The Map satisfaction poll) sparked this urge to vent, and a chance to plead the WoTC communities’ concerns and wishes to your community, as Wargaming seems to listen to the PC community. Please help us fix this before the game dies further. I implore that you research and look for evidence, not just my word, as I have certainly missed some items. Please help save this game.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/l8q7tb/wot_pc_please_read_please_help/

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