Advice required

Hello commanders.

So, I dip in and out of this game every so often. And I'm currently in a type 6, I like to do cargo missions and trading, I originally looked at upgrading to the type 7, but held off on it. I've now got enough to get a type 9.

So what I'm asking for basically is the pros and cons, I've watched the amazing review from the pilot on YouTube. But I want people who have some hands on experience to talk to me about it.

I'm tempted to delve into some mining. Is that ship going to be any good?

I'm not so great with bounty hunting but I do have a viper mk 3 when I do wish to get some creds.

I'm not very knowledgeable about the deep lore and mechanics of the game. I'm just a surface dweller 😅 I'd like to get to know more about the factions and how they operate and how pledging to one is beneficial.

All advice welcome and required ☺️


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