An ode to Kunkka

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I don’t care what his win rate is. Kunkka is the most fun hero in the game

I play offline, dog poop MMR tier. I spam Underlord because for me, he’s simple but has solid impact.

Sometimes I play Mars because blinking into an arena spear combo is fun as hell

But then there’s Kunkka. Kunkka is why I originally liked DOTA. His wombo combo, slamming folks with his tide, aghs for screen filling fun, and ghost ships aplenty are just so damn fun. I played Kunkka for the first time in months a few hours ago and it was the most fun I’ve had in DOTA in a long time. Had a game where our mid picked dark willow against WK, Ursa, Axe. We had no business winning with such little carry. So as offline I said fuck my usual go to aura items and went OG Kunkka for the hell of it. And dammit we won, and it was FUN

Damn win rates, play what you think is fun. That’s what games are supposed to be


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