[ANSWER] How to fix anti cheat connection error

Not really a good flair to mark this as but for weeks ive been dealing with anti cheat error connection (as you can tell ive posted like 3-4 posts about this problem with no answer) and i have the answer now.

Step 1. Uninstall EVERYTHING for tarkov.

Delete the BSG folder in roaming and local but save the ".ini" files for your settings. Use the uninstaller for tarkov in "C:Battlestate GamesEFT (live)" (Or where ever your tarkov is installed). Once uninstalled delete every file in there so there is nothing left. I uninstalled the launcher as well but probably wasnt necessary.

Step 2. Launch the launcher in admin mode then reinstall while in admin mode.

Now for step 3 Im not entirely sure which one it is but im pretty sure i know which it is most likely to be.

Step 3. Close spotify and if you are running wallpaper engine, close out of it entirely. I'm 99% sure its wallpaper engine but couldn't verify since I had both open each time it crashed. I havent run wallpaper engine since I realized it was the problem and it fixed it.

This is my personal fix to it and I know many people run wallpaper engine and might have had this error without realizing what the problem was.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/qpl3ba/answer_how_to_fix_anti_cheat_connection_error/

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