Anyone want to speculate on what the hell Hudson is up to?

So President Hudson has since the 9 martyrs attack made the former federation intelligence chief the new vice president who immediately implemented an aggressive surveillance policy, and appointed the former president, mental patient, and xeno messiah advocate Jasmina Halsey as ambassador to the Alliance. Shortly after that the Alliance, and Federation issued statements basically telling the Empire the NMLA is your problem we'll help with intel, but you fix it.

So now that the war is on given how many moves he's been making I highly doubt he's gonna just be sitting pretty.

The one that has been sticking out to me is Halsey. Weren't they political rivals before the starship 1 sabotage? I mean last I heard she had been released from the loony bin so was this just to get her out of the way? Seems a strange thing to do for someone who wasn't very popular to begin with, and has already pretty much been politically discredited.


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