As a noob question: “Why do I need a website to build a ship?”

'ey folks!

I'm sorta new to this game but…

Why do I need a website to find where to buy modules?

Unless I live in a system that has all the modules… (Hi veterens, also punishing noobs with high prices isn't cool, or great for retention, I mean hey lets hit the new folks harder than vets who have way too much money)

I mean this game already punishes you with engineering crap that is SOOOOOOOOOOOO not explained well to newer playyers. "Oh Felicity ok… what?" I mean I'm ok with grinding but c'mon! Like I've played this game for a year and I'm still like wtf? The dev's of this game… I love the game but the dev's are uniquely stupid.

The way this game explains engineering is like… beyond stupid. As a noob I just wanna frame shit farther right? Can anyone explain to me how that is explained to a noob? You can't it's stupid. Anyway…

I quit this game because of engineering and now I'm trying to play again because I hate myself. *sneers


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