Calm Down on MO.

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So yes, Mamunna is a scary card. It should be on deploy. But can we please remember that MO has sacrificed its control in order to gain pointslam? There are so many ways to take advantage of playing against MO. Control it. Outgreed it. Even 300 point archgriffin it for crying out loud. There are things some factions do better than others. MO has always been the pointslam faction. Just like ST is control with engines, NR is mostly engines, SK is pointslam control, NG is control combo, and SY is heavy control. Yes, Mamunna is nuts. And if it was neutral, it’d have to be 14p. But the same goes for plenty of cards. Yenvo outclasses basically all other forms of high end hard removal. Tunnel drill converts 2 uninteractive points into 3 points of damage, with no limit on how many times it can complete this conversion. Gord is a 24 point 7 provision card. And sure, you have to build your deck around specials. But is a 13 unit deck that hard to build anymore? Plenty of nongord decks have 13 units and don’t expect any 24 point compensation for it.

My point is, yes, MO got some broken cards this patch. But nerfing them into oblivion when they’re the only thing keeping MO’s head above water? Some buffs to other parts of the faction would be appreciated. MO is not even a top 3 faction. Watch what’ll happen when you take away it’s only saving grace.


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