Characters that deserve cards #14 – Weekend Lore Ramblings

the witcher and ciri gwent

Hello again with back to back WLR and again with list of characters that should be in the game. This time we will be looking at some officials from Northern Realms and Nilfgaard. Without further to do, let's get started.

Velerad – a mayor or castellan of Wyzima (in the original his position is called grododzierżca). He in the name of King Foltest hires Geralt to deal with the kings daughter who terrorises the city as a Striga. He, despite not being superstitious is a bit affraid of the witcher at first. He provides Geralt useful information regarding the monster and also tells him that he along with Temerian nobles and other officials will pay him to kill the Striga instead of lifting the curse and tell the King that it was an accident (Foltest revealed to Geralt that he was aware of that offer, but didn't punish any of them). When Geralt meets him, Ostrit and Segelin (more about them here), Velerad gives him rather picturesque description of the monster (caling her "a cursed uberbastard" for example). When injured Geralt wakes up 2 days after lifting princesses curse, he visits him and speakes with him. He asks him why did he try to bite the princess. We meet him also in the Witcher 1 videogame as an NPC in Wyzima – he is one of the guest at Declan Leeuwarden parties in New Narakort and we meet him with Temerian soldiers in front of the crypt after Adda was turned back into a Striga by Roderick de Wett.

Caldemeyn – the mayor of Blaviken, Geralt hopes he would pay him for a kikimora he slayed, but he redirects him to a local mage "Master Irion", which turns out to be Geralt's old acquaintance, Stregobor. Later he provides Geralt information about Renfri and her gang. During their conversation, Geralt realised him that Renfri played him (you can read more about that events here) and she plans giving the mage "A Tridam Ultimatum", he tells the mayor to gather the guards before people would start to come to the town square (as there was going to be a fair). After the witcher deals with the Shrike and her thugs, Caldemeyn tells him to leave and never come back. He has a wife Libusze and daughter Marilka.

Gyllestiern – the viceroy of King Niedamir of Caingorn. He was described as exceptionally obese (despite that he preffered to ride a horse instead of sitting in the chariot) and wearing a turquoise coat with a gold belt. He was arrogant, liked to swank and often made decisions and spoke instead of the king.

Chappelle – the governor of security in Novigrad, one of the most important people in the city. His men were armed with lamias – a weapon banned in the most of civilised world. Described as extremally cruel, he is said to use torture, extortion, plunder, blackmail and even assasinations to ensure the city is free from any "unwanted element". By the time Geralt and Jaskier go to Novigrad and meet Dudu disguised as Dainty Biberveldt, real Chappele is gone, died from apoplexy and an unnamed doppler took his place – new Chappelle is much less violent – people say that the last attack of apoplexy changed him and they don't realize there is an imposter. However, in the Witcher 3, the doppler is exposed by Caleb Menge and burned at the stake.

Peter Evertsen – a chief chamberlain (wielki komorzy) of the Empire. He was responsible for repossesion of goods from the Northern Realms. He was annoyed by his subordinates getting excited about defeating Lyrian and Aedirnian forces in battle. He was always calm and always calculating everything. While Menno Ceohoorn ordered his soldiers to destroy everything before retreating, Evertsen order to his men was to take anything they can, before the army will burn villages and cities – crops, livestock, merchant's goods, works of art, even dismantling manufactures and stealing mines output – everything must go to Nilfgaard and strengthen its economy. Evertsen was also thinking that even though, the Northern armies won't kill many Nilfgaardians, the diseases caused by things like dirty water will. Enciclopedia maxima mundi tells us that Evertsen was falsly accused of abusing his position and executed by the order of Emperor Morvran Voorhis.


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