Concordant (BEAMs only) & regeneration sequence (all), which one?

edit: wrong title: concordant (ALL), regen (BEAMs only)


The lasers have 2 similar experimental effects, the concordant sequence (all lasers) and the regeneration sequence (BEAMs only). The details vary but the end result is the roughly the same: regen friend's shields faster.

a. Which of the 2 experimental effects regenerates shields faster, the concordant or the regeneration?

b. Does the laser class matter, i.e. will a 4A overcharged fixed BEAM regenerate faster than a 1G turreted pulse? and how much faster?

c. Is the effect additive, i.e. will 7 concordant lasers (either all 7 in the same ship or 7 ships with 1 laser each) regenerate a shield 7 times faster?

I guess that since the wing is a prerequisite the effect can NOT be used to regen friendly or allied NPCs (like in CZs and hazres) and for them it will always be a hostile action.


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