Do Multi-Role Missions Exist?

By this, I mean, do missions exist, where you must do many different things in order to accomplish them?

I’m asking because I haven’t encountered any really. Here’s an example of what I mean:

I’m at a station and I take a mission that tells me to “take down Johnny McBaddiesauce and his criminal enterprise on Braxis 1 A”.

So I get in my amazing Cobra Mk III built for all purpose, and I head out to the Braxis system. I get there, and I’m attacked by the McBaddiesauce pirates. I fight them off with my superior ship and honed CMDR skills of awesomeness. Then Johnny McBaddiesauce himself shows up. We have an epic fight and his ship takes damage, so he retreats down to Braxis 1 A and to his colony of pirates.

Ever the professional, I don’t give up until the job is done, so I fly down there. I land on the outskirts and, under the cover of darkness, make my way into the hostile encampment.

There’s baddies to my left, baddies to my right, and I fight my way until I find the main baddie himself. I wreck him, but not before learning he rigged the place to blow.

I run around looking for some stolen gear that the mission givers want me to find and high tail it outta there.


That’s just an (albeit dramatized) example of a multi-tiered quest line requiring you to do a bunch of stuff. You gotta fight in your ship, do some on foot stuff, solve some puzzles, pick some stuff up and return it.

Does anything like that, in any form, exist?


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