Fire at will. Or not?


I have been ignoring combat for some time, but the recent Thargoid incursion is a good opportunity to get into this stuff. So I bought a Krait II, did some basic outfitting and started smashing Scouts. However, my turrets are not working as expected. Here is what I did:

  1. bought 2x AX Multicannons (class 3, turreted) – for autokills
  2. bought 2x Gauss (class 2, fixed) – for target practice

I put all four guns into one firegroup; gausses are primary attack (LMB), multicannons are alternate attack (RMB).

Now, in the "Target Only" mode, turrets behave as expected. Once I target a Scout and hit RMB once, they spin up and start firing in reasonable bursts. However, in the "Fire at Will", I am unable to get them to fire at all. For my experiments, I let one last Scout alive and try various approaches:

  • the Scout is an active target
  • the Scout is firing at me
  • I am oriented towards it
  • I hit/hold RMB
  • I hit LMB and repeatedly hit the foe with my Gauss cannons

The turrets are completely silent. I am unable to get them to fire a single shot in this mode.

Any ideas? PC, Horizons.

o7 and good luck!


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