Hackers are evolving

Like 5 times in a row now i've gotten sniped, only in the thorax, armor being ignored, through walls, ONLY after picking up rare items.

Found a teapot, USB stick and a bunch of euros in a safe, door to the room and hall closed, window far out of sight, immediately shot from nothing.

Found a gas analyzer, pressure gauge and four guns. Shot by a SVDS sticking outside the red gate leading outside the map while trying to extract from admin gate.

Just now, found i kid you not 12 bodies at RUAF, picked up 5 guns, a full grizzly and a bunch of armor, shot by someone just on the other side of the southern wall, again outside the map.

All were when i was scavving, all killed by scavs.

They can tell what's in your inventory and whether you recently picked up a rare item, me thinks. Or i'm just getting killed at the unluckiest of times by MLG ai scavs.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/m2baiu/hackers_are_evolving/

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