Hard PC powerdown, not new with .12 looking for help

First no, this is not a .12 issue. I've had this problem for as long time (years). My use case is not the norm, I play in 4k. I was hoping the new unity engine would fix it, but has not.

My problem:
Texture setting in game above medium causes hard powerdown of pc. When I say hard powerdown, I mean all fans stop spinning, monitors go black (no signal), USB devices (mouse/keyboard) go black. The PC power switch light is on, and the power button on the motherboard is on. The only way to turn the computer back on is completely drain the power from the system by turning of the psu, waiting 5-10 seconds, then turn the psu switch on and then turn the computer on.

Issue happens when 1 or both GPUs are used, or if SLI is disabled completely

Seems to only happen on larger maps like interchange and shoreline

Only happens with tarkov, other games no problems I usually play with max textures in competitive games to really make them look good while not sacrificing too much in preformance

My setup:
Tripple monitor, main gaming display 4k, 2 secondary monitors 1080.
2x1080ti,11 gig cards
32 gigs ram, 3000 mhz
Ryzen 1700x 3.9 GHz oc all 8 cores
1000 watt Corsair psu 80+ plat certified
(Power not an issue, psu never gets close to peaking, monitored at the wall)

Game looks amazing, as it always has. I Just wish I could get some higher Rez textures without a hard power down.

Does anyone have any ideas/solutions?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/dpe1bv/hard_pc_powerdown_not_new_with_12_looking_for_help/

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