How can Tarkov get rid of most of the cheaters?

In my opinion the only way I can think of is to get personalized premium accounts. There you have the possibility to join games where only premium accounts play at. It costs for example a 10-50$ fee to get registered with your ID or some other documents that show you are the person irl. With the fee it makes people much harder and more painful to get another premium account (with grandmothers ID or drivers license), after they got caught cheating (btw getting caught should be a lifetime real ID ban + hardware ban + IP ban and everything thats possible, just to make it harder). As well there will be a monthly fee of 5-20$ for premium accounts. With that money BSG can hire employees that manually review reported players in the premium player base. Premium players can report x number of players each month and that report will be reviewed by the employees within 24 or 48h. That's what the premiums are paying for. I think this way the premium player base can get rid of 99% of cheaters.

For normal accounts nothing changes, except they can't cheat on premium servers.

any other ideas?


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