I love Jenkins but his videos where he mocks bad players are saddening.

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I love Jenkins and his videos are genuinely entertaining but I don't like his new series where he mocks and laughs at new/bad players.

It does nothing but gives him content. Since a lot of players are in higher mmr and entrenched in the toxic community of DOTA, they too think it's fine. Whether a player of that games watches his videos is completely besides the point. He is laughing at bad players and encouraging others to laugh at them too. The whole thing is just toxicity fueling toxicity.

I don't think Jenkins alone is doing this. I saw a few other youtube channels that do this. However, as I don't watch that many dota content, I don't know the names of those channels. As valve is the only one trying to keep toxicity out of the game, I don't think the community will stop watching such videos anytime soon either.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/p9kdxq/i_love_jenkins_but_his_videos_where_he_mocks_bad/

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