I love tarkov because I am apart of the 1%.

Countless posts regarding cheaters and desync on this subreddit lately…

I am apart of the 1%. Why?

It’s because since the beginning of the wipe, with 276 raids currently, I have had no situations with desync, and above all; i have ran into only ONE singular cheater. I’ve been consistently running interchange, labs, reserve, everything. And that is why I am loving tarkov.

But why have I been blessed with such luck of being able to play 99% of raids without dealing with desync or cheaters? Allthough there is no way to know, my assumption is because of my location and the servers I play on. I play on NA West servers with ~50 ping, nothing enabled thats over 70. No, it doesnt take me 20 minutes to load into a raid.

I doubt this “fixes” desync or that cheaters simply do not play on select Vancouver servers, lmao. I don’t know what gave me such luck , it seems like everybody i’ve talked to & posts ive read on this sub encounters cheaters and desync issues at a much more frequent rate.

I’m just glad I don’t experience these issues.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/p9lg8r/i_love_tarkov_because_i_am_apart_of_the_1/

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