I want a honest answer

Like the title said,
Does epic want people to play stw if so why do yoy keep killing the game?
This bday event sucked, absolute dogsh*t 3 bday llamas is all we get (unless something changes ofc) why 3? People like me who take a 1.5year break missed alot of stuff, 3 llamas intotal is nowhere near the amount a lot of players need, espacially the newer players, i would have rather got 0 bday llamaa than 2 llamas with nothing usefull
The whole reason for the bday llamas is for people to enjoy the game grinding tickets so they can open as much bday llamas as possible, and dont come at me with the reason but if you have alot of tickers you can easily get everything you want, idk if epic knows how much tickets are actually needed to get all items from all events lets highball it and say 100K tickets are needed for a plank player to get everything, only the grinders will go for that amount of tickets a average joe aint gonna grind 100K tickets they will probally grind 10K or something around that resulting in 20 bday llamas which isnt near enough to max the collection book

I refuse to tag magyst tho since i feel bad tagging someone who tries their absolute best in something so negative

If anyone has anything to add to this list pls state it below

Thnx for taking your time reading and responding to this

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