I’m sure many people have noticed this, but I feel the game has become grindier

New Valheim update

I'm currently searching for surtling cores. I've found a total of 4 burial chambers so far. All of them had three cores in it, except for the fourth chamber, which had none. I remember in my vanilla game that three was the bare minimum I'd find, not the standard

I saw the post yesterday about why farming iron needs fixed, and I do remember that portion of the game being a pain in the ass due to needing to dodge all the poison enemies and constantly having to repair my pickaxe

I kinda feel like the devs decided to make the game even grindier than it was in vanilla, and it's turning me off of it already

Everyone says it's the devs vision. Well, just because it's their "vision" doesn't mean people are going to enjoy it. I.e., food balancing. Ahem, sorry, I mean nerfing. No one liked that, but it was still the devs "vision". Just because it's their vision doesn't mean it's fun. The devs do a great job of listening to the fans imo, but I don't think making a game more grindy than it already is fun

My two cents. Upvote me, downvote, agree with me, tell me the devs are gods and I'm speaking blasphemy, Idc. I just wanted to share my experiences so far in H&H compared to vanilla, and I'm gonna be honest, I'm a little let down

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