More malfunctions

I legitimately can't wait til the malfunction system is more fleshed out, and am so excited to see tarkov become more and more how it will be I'm the end with each update. I can't wait until there are several types of malfunctions and Im hoping that each type of malfunction will have a different keybind so you actually have to think, look at your gun, and figure out what went wrong instead of just shift t. Tarkov is by far my favorite game and from what I can tell I share the vision the devs have for it in the end. I eagerly await the day when it hits full release. I feel like too may people shit talk the game because it isn't what they want it to be because they didn't take the time to figure out what the devs want the game to be. No joke any time I hear the devs talk about how they want the game to be in its final form it's like hearing someone describe my perfect game. So if any devs see this keep up the good work and stay true to your vision, this game is great and there's nothing like it.

PS: rEVoLvErS WHeN?!?!?


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