Nilfgaard is destined to die in Gwent

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Before anyone accuses me for ranting I would like to say that I've been playing Gwent for more than two years and Nilfgaard is my second most played faction after Skellige. When I was a newbee in Gwent I was so annoyed by NG opponents locking every single engine/order,stealing my cards and destroying everything on my field. But after two years of playing it I realized that this faction is stuck in time.
First:locks are almost useless nowadays since orders are very rare,veil exists,NR has zeal and every faction runs passive engines that triggers at the end of turn so there is little point stopping them.
Second:spying/status gameplay is completely indefined. Making spying has no real benefits and cards that revolve around it are long obsolete,even for 2019. standards. I would also include poison in this category.

The only deck that works to the point is assymilate but that is it.

To conclude,in todays Gwent which revolves around engines for crazy amounts of boost,instant point slams and ridiculous tempo,NG's step by step strategy is underwhelming. I hope that devs will find a way to rework Nilfgaard in future because at this state it wont compete against others factions


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