No one wanted to cover the objective and it’s sad :(

Guess who’s back.

Back again!

Anyways I’ll get right into this one. It’s been a few weeks since the match, so I’ve had some time to calm down.

For context, I was interested in doing the PL 140 ETS that rewarded 225 legendary perk up. I queued into a public mission and was joined by 2 others.

As soon as I loaded in, I noticed that there was only around 4 minutes until the mission started. I also glanced at the map and saw that it was only me that had loaded in. When I arrived to the shelter, nothing was built. It was clear that someone had already loaded in and defended the first wave but left as I joined. That’s ok. There’s still 4 minutes to build. Plenty of time right?

I viewed the spawns and started doing what I do best. I decided not to spend the time building around the objective as I believed my other 3 teammates had it covered. Besides there’s always one guy who covers the objective, right?

2 minutes pass.

Two teammates are miles away from the objective, and the other teammate is just watching me build. I start to panic a little bit but then I slap myself.


Besides, there’s still 2 minutes. Plenty of time right?


I decided not cover the objective. I also told my self I wasn’t going to build for any additional spawns.

The mission starts

I haven’t finished building



At this point I’m just like wtf. This is legit the fundamentals. I remember in the first fight the storm mission you play ray legit tells you to build around the objective.

As expected, everything goes well until the spawn changes.

You can guess what happens.

In the blink of an eye, the shelter is at 50% health.

I type in the chat: fail. I don’t endorse failing on purpose but “we” didn’t deserve to win.

One of the players now starts covering the objective with a few wood walls.

I’m frustrated. My emotions get the best of me and I started breaking the wood walls he put up. Within a few seconds, I come to my senses and stop because

a) it’s toxic behaviour
b) those walls won’t hold up anyways

We didn’t deserve to win so I put my controller down. I turned on my mic and started lecturing the players in the lobby.

I look at the names and notice one of the players was someone on my friends list who I helped in a public msk. In disappointment, I removed them from lobby and my friends list. I don’t want deadweights on my friends list.

As expected we failed.

I almost don’t want to believe these are real players. I’m not mad I’m just sad 🙁

I loaded back into the same mission immediately after we failed and was greeted with one of same players. This time they attempted to build.

They started to build some type of jail/stall build. Ok sure I guess

I turned on mic and said:

“Well well we meet again”.

They left immediately.

I never ended up completing that mission 🙁

As always, I’ve attached a video where I discuss/show these events. I spent some time editing the video so it isn’t a boring watch.

I write most of my posts on my bus ride/commute home from work so hopefully my grammer/spelling don’t make this too hard to read.


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