Prapor Care Packages Contents?

Is anybody else getting worthless garbage in their "care packages"? It is starting to get quite insulting the garbage I am getting. I've read from other posts about people generally getting great stuff (M4A1, MPX, etc), or AT LEAST decent items and guns. My first one was 2 shit tier armors that I won't ever use and got rid of and 2 car meds, which I don't use since I either use cheese or seiwas. I figured, okay just bad RNG, no way the next one is as shit. I was right, it was even worse. It has a worthless toz, a garbage lvl 3 helmet, and 2 army bandages. Are you for real? That is just insulting, I would rather get nothing than be given that as a "gift" to help me this wipe.

Has anybody else been getting worthless garbage in their packages? Is it all RNG based or is it based off your stash value (mine is hasn't changed much from the start)?


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