PSA Valheim bricked my Gigabyte 3090 Xtreme 😭

New Valheim update

I have a Gigabyte 3090 Xtreme that ran flawlessly for months and played a ton of different games most of the time maxed out on gpu usage power level at 100% on the oc bios and never got above 65c on core and 80c on the memory played soooo many different games and never had a single problem (i didn't play new world because i herd of the issues and didn't want to chance it) but i fired up valheim and within a couple min my monitors went black and the fans ramped to 100% but could still hear audio after shutting the computer down it wouldn't turn back on the psu oc protection would just immediately trip when i hit the power button but unplugging the far left 8 pin power on the gpu would let the computer turn on and boot but no gpu output (obviously) i tried a different power supply but i knew it wouldn't work and it didn't that one 8 pin was short to ground now i normally wouldn't think it was the game but theres a bunch of other people that have had the exact same thing happening to them and just with valheim so idk the gpu monitor snapshot didn't reveal anything either would love to figure out what happened and why so if you have a 3090 especially a Gigabyte 3090 play valheim at your own risk its lucky Gigabytes customer service is decent


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