Short film contest – Which submissions made the cut?

Windranger DOTA 2 Hero Guides

Out of approximately 64 submissions, 20 of them made the cut to the next round. Players have to vote in client to determine which one will win.

The submissions that are in bold and italic have made the cut. The ones that are crossed out did not.

TitleCreatorReddit / YouTubeSteam page
Antimage godlike pub guideu/EmbersDOTALinkLink
Surprised to see me?u/vhalennLinkLink
The Legend of the Black Kingu/CoughingLoffinLinkLink
Slack´s Dota Clubu/reinventyourself42LinkLink
Haul of the Hoof / Haulin' Assu/AnomidaeLinkLink
The Last Imperatoru/TheDanilushkaLinkLink
AXE- HOLEu/devolio11LinkLink
For Selemeneu/_natalieLinkLink
Valora's Rebirthu/JackLim626LinkLink
Beadie n' Mortimer: The Start of a Lifetime Friendshipu/dmurioLinkLink
Gank Bangu/SeptimusLinkLink
Blood & Fire – Part 1u/4funprodLinkLink
Blood & Fire – Part 2 new!u/4funprodLink?
Wombo Combo!u/w200meLinkLink
Carried Awayu/MaxOfS2DLinkLink
Phantom singularityu/Gabella_LabLinkLink
Hero's Come Backu/aseurafLinkLink
Infinite MonkeyCage HeibanLinkLink
ONE A POND A TIME IN LEGENDParadog Gamer TV Vol.3Link?
Warrior SongMaeve AltheaLink?
STUN CHAINStanlattLinkLink
Who should I heal?VanquisheeerLinkLink
GG See you TomorrowAnamnesisLinkLink
The secretFree 3D channelLinkLink
Suicide SquadArgus HuffLink?
Final GraveRoborydLinkLink
DefendTurtleOrb StudiosLinkLink
Queen of the cliffMoviEStudioLinkLink
Arc warden & Storm spiritIhorLinkLink
The Better KnightDsidiaLink?
Tiny and VictoryaShotikLinkLink
Rubick AghanimNile AbleLinkLink
The Sundering4qumuLinkLink
IO (complete version) new!RistuLinkLink
RangerW YXLinkLink
Ranger (updated) new!W YXLinkLink
Fight side by side赵楷雕LinkLink
FEEL THE SPIRITpuppershupperLinkLink
Light to The DeadDota SeriousLinkLink
The Vaccinatingu/laessigkeitLinkLink
The Vaccinating (updated) new!u/laessigkeitLinkLink
A Rehearsed AccidentZony ZhaoLinkLink
A Rehearsed Accident (updated) new!Zony ZhaoLinkLink
PROTECTORAriel MagicLinkLink
Hook of Madness / Pudge Pos FiveAgent BuchkaLink?
The Spark new!Superrodan DotALinkLink
Battle Of Illusions new!Людмила БахтинаLink?
A year of waiting new!Darkesttears DesignLink?
Sacrifice new!Gamedev StanisLinkLink
The Day Secret Shop Disappeared new!RJLink?
Play Style new!u/asylbekzLinkLink
Son Of Aghanim new!Nile AbleLinkLink
The Waiting Game new!u/dmurioLinkLink
Time To Push! new!u/venskorpLinkLink
Sweet Treat new!u/bamwendaLinkLink
Keeper of the Misrule new!PanfilovLink?
IT JUS'T INTRO new!Dwiky SulistyawanLinkLink
Manifold Paradox new!Elchin Cooper LandrumLinkLink
CHOICE new!Zhukov3DLink?
Alternate Anime Opening new!u/morphling-artistLinkLink
Over Thrown new!u/AnomidaeLinkLink
Roshan is comingNAOSLink?

Few points of note:

  • Congratulations to u/Anomidae on getting both their submissions through to the next round! An impressive achievement!
  • Sad to see Gank Bang not make it to the shortlist. I know more than one is disappointed about it.
  • The submission Roshan is coming made it to the shortlist despite it not being posted to Reddit. While this isn't absolutely necessary, I also found it strange that the Steam page for its submission in the contest section is also not there. In fact, I didn't even know about it until after the shortlist came out, so I hadn't even included it in the previous megathread. Maybe someone can inform me if I'm wrong.
  • My personal favourite from the shortlist is Arrival. I hope it wins!
  • Special shoutout to u/laessigkeit on getting their submission The Vaccinating through to the next round! Really happy for you!


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