So… the Hale family is behind the witch hysteria in Novigrad – Gwent Lore

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All the new Syndicate cards are Hale related, the Witch finder, Fabian and the new brother (son or whatever he is).

We now know that Fabian was the one who sacrificed the Goat depicted in the bronze Hysteria, since he is the Scoundrel, what does this tells us about the future cards?

4 cards per expansion, we are receiving one of each rarity and every single one of them has to do with the Hales, from the main characters to what their acts cause among the people.
I'm expecting for the final expansion, the new legendary to be the "alter ego" of The Witchfinder, another kind of hysteria maker for the people of Novigrad, similar to the Scoundrel.
Also I'm expecting another version of Ignatius, where he is inciting some kind of rebellious act to get people on the hysteria mood.

It's just an idea but I find it possible.

I love when cards tell a story, hopefully more and more cards are connected similar to these.


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