Suicidal wolves

I finally tamed up some wolves to take home but they were across a body of water. A large one. Do I took them down the mountain put them in a pen brought my long ship over and got them in the boat.

Attempt one once they were on the boat I told them to stay hopping that would mean on the boat. ….it did not they got pulled off the boat into the water and swam to shore ok no big deal.

Attempt 2 I finangle the boat back up to the ramp and this time tell them to follow. Success. …..for a while
We're ridding on the boat fullspead ahead some stormy waters happen so I slow down to 2 to avoid flinging them off only to have both of them jump off the boat 2 seconds later to fight the sea serpent that just popped up…….this did not end well.

How are you supposed to get wolves back?

I love this game but I also hate it. Vent. Over

Any suggestions?


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