Tarkov has changed ne and my friends

I started playing tarkov a few days before the wipe along with my brother and the rest of our discord group. Prior to playing tarkov we had a fairly large (5-15) active group of players in dayz. We got along well, often splitting into smaller groups to avoid friendly fire and mic spam, but overall we worked well as a unit. That all changed with tarkov. We wont play with certain people anymore. This game forces so much team work and every decision and second counts. A few people in are group have been deemed "solo" players due to their inability to work with the team or communicate well. We have had to tell friends that we don't want to go on raids with them anymore and you can feel the tension between everybody during raids. I thought games like dayz, insurgency, and squad would have prepared us for tarkov but apparently not. This game is way more punishing and hardcore and we are loving every bit of it. Nikita and his team have truly found a way to make the most masochistic, punishing, and rewarding game I have ever played

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