The Azimuth Saga continues – are you prepared to defend your home against thargoids?

Edit: Event ended. Please DM me directly for purchase orders as needed and I'll jump to your location. Thanks everyone!

I told everyone they were coming and they laughed at me. And just like Moses, I did something about it anyway. My preparations for this eventuality are complete.

FC Raccoon City has all purchasable Human Tech and Guardian Tech components. You can find everything from neo fabrics for HT cargo racks to thargoid hearts for bobblehead. 1,000 Osmium, 1,500 meta alloys, hundreds of thargoid probes and sensors, articulation motors, thermal cooling units and more – every single non-engineering material item that they require to unlock new gear can be located in my FC shop.

So we gonna do this or what? Get gear. Get good. Get goids.


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