The distribution of the new starter decks is totally unfair

witcher gwent cards

I started playing Gwent around a week ago with my friends and I'm hooked. I bought some of the starter packs and have reached rank 16. I was so excited to log in buy the journey and get my new basic decks so I can play something other than NG that I had been playing exclusively until now and much to my surprise they didn't exist in my library. This is totally disheartening. I have played around 20 hours, spent almost 30 euros and I will be behind someone starting today. This shouldn't be the case. Now I have to decide between losing out on so many free cards or wasting my progress and money spent so far. Please guys send some messages to support. Driving people away is the last thing Gwent needs right now and especially about something so basic as giving basic decks to everyone.

Do you think this is good for the game? or fair to new players? I don't think its either and I cant wrap my head around why that decision was made


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