The Druid/Cultist Mash

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When the first reveals were first shown, I had high hopes for SK and Druids, as I've long been a fan of this archetype. Unfortunately, after the second drop, it's ended in disappointment for me.

Melusine feels weird to me. It doesn't feel like she's supposed to fit in a "Druid" deck, but given the significant overlap of Cultist and Druid tags on the PoP cards, she ends up there anyway.

The majority of the old Cultist cards deal in self damage, so Melly fits the bill there. She damages units whilst strengthening herself, and it feels like by giving her rain synergy they've mashed the archetypes.

Between the two tags, you have a jumble of self damage/healing/berserk, beasts (sirens, crows and bears, oh my!) rain and alchemy.

Given how Bride and Fulmar are intertwined with Melusine and how they're the new cards, I can't see them separating them, but I'd much rather prefer that they tried to create/fill out seperate archetypes.

Unfortunately it's such a spaghetti mess of cables at the moment, that it's probably a mere pipe dream on my part. Fingers crossed the third psrt of the expansion doesn't muddy the waters even further, although I won't hold my breath 🙁


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