The hardcoreness of Tarkov

Dear Devs,

I kinda feel like you are so much focused on the "most realistic game ever created" direction that you are starting to lose your common sense. I know your streamers are hardcore and very professional, but 95% of your player base is just casual gamers. I actually have 40% survival rate and that takes a lot of my money away for out of raid healing (kinda reminds me of those mobile games where you either buy extra money or wait for your energy to regen) I really do not want to be a new player at this state of the game. You limited labs even more, now a huge chunk of your player base will simply remain poor as damn and eventually quit the game.

I truly appreciate all the work you put into this game, but honestly, you guys need to figure out the golden middle way between creating the "most realistic shooter" or simply creating a sustainable game, because I am telling you this direction wont get you there…..Unless you are fine with most of your players simply watching your streamers, and not paying for your software…..


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