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Dota has been in my life for 6 years. Had my highs and lows. Grinded my way up from guardian to divine. Got some breaks from while to while. Sometimes Dota cna be cruel, no matter what you do you'll end up losing, which is so hard. Losing 700 mmr going from divine to anc5 and getting honorable mention every lost game and mvp 7/10 won games. It really feels bad, I'm not gonna blame all my losses on my teammates 2/10 games I play bad but the others I'm 100% focused and play on timings peaks… And I end up losing bcs mid win the lane and goes to jungle while we can run at them, they go as 5 and turn the game. Or carry destroying his stuff 15mins bcs of 1 wrong play, abandoners, mid queues asking to change lane bcs they don't know to mid…. The list never ends.
No matter the circumstances, I totally love the game. I will continue to play it, but I need a rest. Maybe the upcoming patch will make me love Dota more, bcs in this 6 years in my opinion this is the worst patch I have ever been in.
This post is appreciation post to the Dota 2 game. I think Dota 2 is a lifestyle.
See you in the next patch 🤗.

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