Unknown crystal types located at Magellan’s star

Our expedition recently arrived at Magellan's star (Ood Fleau ZJ-I d9-0), which contains 3 Notable Stellar Phenomena. One of these is unremarkable, containing just a proto-lagrange cloud with lindigoticum silicate crystals and L08-type anomalies. The other two though, have something odd going on within them.

One NSP contains lindigoticum ice crystals and unknown pink crystals and the other contains unknown blue crystals and unknown purple crystals. Visually, the composition seems to be similar to ice crystals but with a spike density similar to silicate crystals. These crystals defeat any attempts to use the ship's systems to identify them: sensors only identify them as "…", composition scanners do not return any result, they do not register in the codex as any discovered crystal form, and no codex discovery voucher is listed under transactions upon scanning them. This has been confirmed by multiple members of the expedition.

Does anybody know anything about these crystals?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/l4am34/unknown_crystal_types_located_at_magellans_star/

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