What am I supposed to do during this event as a new player?

As a new player at level 10, I've been enjoying the game so far. I've learned a few of the maps well enough to not be totally lost all the time, I've got a few backpacks in backpacks to keep me going, and I know enough about the game to win most firefights against scavs while PMCing and occasionally win against other PMCs with better gear/higher levels on them. I enjoy the tension of running around looking for loot even on scavs, because my hideout is so unupgraded I find stuff basically every run that I need for back home, and I understand a major part of that tension is how fragile you are and how quickly you can die to an unseen threat, so I don't really mind getting ratted by a scav or losing to better PMCs since it's what makes the game what it is.

I'm out of armor now though. I didn't realize an event was going on so I was playing as normal, but even if I had realized there's not really much I could have done. I don't have an upgraded stash yet, so I don't have much room to store anything really. I don't have access to the market, so I can't even buy stuff at a markup. On top of that, every scav run that I've done has had the smallest possible tac rig, and no backpack, so I can't even really make any progress while scaving it up unless I luck upon a dead PMC that nobody else has found yet.

What am I supposed to do during this event? I can't even get my hands on the lowest level armor to stop scavs from one shotting me in the chest on my PMC, and I can't loot anything with the tiny inventory on my scavs. I try low equipment runs and either get found out by PMCs who still have gear in their stashes, or I find NPC scavs who yell at me and then shoot me perfectly through the bushes. I know there's a big amount of 'git gud' in this game, and I was loving it before, but it's been taken so much farther than it was that I don't really understand what the next step is for me except to wait the event out.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/qeem05/what_am_i_supposed_to_do_during_this_event_as_a/

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