What are your most wanted QoL improvements missing?

Quality of Life improvements (or ironing really stupid bugs as some might say). Things that don't break the balance for Open but improve player enjoyment everywhere. Something to take the Tedious from the Tedious Simulator that we all like so much otherwise. Now that Odyssey is almost here, perhaps some chance to work these out finally?

What's your most hated pet peeve with E:D or most wished option? UI, missing key-binds, mechanics…


  • Option to turn off individual sound effects. Especially the "ominous" high wake SFX. I like to listen to radio when exploring. Now I have to turn off all the SFX due to getting really tired of creaking SFX, ominous jump SFX every few minutes and such. With the "benefit" of getting killed or missing important voice overs when I forget to turn it back on in the Bubble. It gets really annoying fast. Beeps on every click. Countdown to SC is just driving me crazy.
  • No hotkeys for common in-game actions that require nested menu navigation – docking requests, fighter release/dock (perhaps with a delay to not unbalance PvP), etc…
  • Not showing known signal sources in navigation pane unless in SC.
  • No hotkey to only target ships in scanner cone. That alone makes scanning near beacons so tedious.
  • Ships forgetting assigned crew. Every time you change a ship, you need to reassign the crew. They should just remember it, it's not a vacation. It's pretty bad to find out you forgot to reassign that AI pilot to your miner ship after changing from a single seat combat ship, when three pirates are on you.
  • Stored module search and ship layout saving (somewhat of a major overhaul)
  • Page up/down for long lists in navigation (sic!) or mouse access. It's simulating a touch driven holographic UI after all! Pressing down key twenty times is just lazy UI.

Anything else?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/mfb5th/what_are_your_most_wanted_qol_improvements_missing/

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